What you need to know about our Swimming Pool

  • It’s private for our guests only (from check-in time to check-out time)
  • It’s open from the weekend of the first of May till the second weekend of October (From Friday 26 April 2024 till Sunday 20 October 2024)
  • You can access it from 10 am till 9 pm
  • Water is at 26° minimum. Depending on air temperature it can be hotter. The exact temperature can’t be adjusted to everyone’s tastes
  • Minors are under the total responsibilities of their tutor, they can’t be left alone under any circumstances
  • You can’t bring anything dangerous near the pool (no glass or drinks for example)
  • Hygiene is a must. Toilets and shower are available next to the pool
  • Commun space is cleaned once a day, thanks for keeping it in order as best as possible
  • We provide bath towels to each guest at the limit of one per day.

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