Obernai Walking Guide : a Must See City on the Alsace Wine Route

Located in the heart of Alsace, Obernai is a great stopover town that is commonly qualified as a true “condensed version” of Alsace due to its remarkable historical heritage and its capacity to preserve its architectural and cultural authenticity that reflects so well that of the Alsace region.

At first glance, this medieval city of 14 000 inhabitants nested into the foothills of the Vosges mountains could appear “small” if we look at its geographical size. And yet, once inside, it is a gigantic potential that Obernai is offering to its inhabitants and thousands of tourists. With such a multitude of activities (cultural, winemaking, sport-related, just to name a few) that are organised throughout the year, and let’s not forget its famous Christmas market, it’s not surprising that Obernai maintains its rank as the most touristic city in Alsace after Strasbourg, often known as the “capital” of Europe.  

Perfectly located between Strasbourg and Colmar, Obernai can be easily pinned in your travel itinerary and you can dedicated one afternoon or an entire day depending on your desires.

Here is the list of things to do and to see in Obernai which will help you define which activities you fancy. Most of those are mainly located in the heart of the old city and can be reached by walk!

Lovers of history, nature, sport, gastronomy and/or wine, here is a great opportunity for you to discover Obernai, which will be an unforgettable stop in your roadmap!

Discover Obernai’s History

Discovery tour of the old city

Travel by foot to see the monuments and historical sites of Obernai to comprehend its rich historical past. Among the must-sees: the Market Place, the Belfry (often named “Kapellturm” by the Alsatians), the Catholic Sts. Peter and Paul Church with its two bell-towers), the Six Buckets Well and the Star Place.

The little train of Obernai

Well, here is a fun way to explore the city! At a slow speed, discover the key historical sites and learn also about the recent development of the city, all these informations being commented and transmitted via earphones, with simultaneous translation in 14 languages. The little train will bring you up at the Mont National by driving through first the Schenkenberg vineyards. If you are lucky with the weather, you can even spot down the Cathedral of Strasbourg!

Obernai vu du Mont National
La croix blanche du Mont National d'Obernai
Couché de Soleil sur le Mont Sainte-Odile
The Ramparts of Obernai
  • Time : 30 min
  • Address: periphery of the old city

You can admire the fortifications of Obernai by walking along the medieval remparts (1,4 km long) which used to be consisted of about 20 towers and 4 gates.

Le début de la promenade autour des Remparts d'Obernai

Relax and Enjoy the Nature

Schenkenberg wine trail
  • Time : 1h30
  • Address: allée du Mémorial, 67210

Located very closed from the Mont National, a little bit on the heights, this pedestrian tour will permit you to admire a great panoramic view on the Alsace plain and its hills and go for strolls around the Schenkenberg vineyards where you will find some informations signs along the paths about the vineyard work and the diversity of grape varieties in Alsace.

Ehn trails (Sentier de l’Ehn)
  • Time : 2h00
  • Address: departure from the “Plein-Air” swimming-pool (28 Rue de Boersch, 67210 Obernai)

Very well appreciated by the walkers and runners, the Ehn trails of about 2,4 km long is ideal for those of you that like to be in contact with nature, far from the noise and the bustling city. While wandering along the river of Ehn, you will find information signs by the municipality and other collaborators such as the Sivom du Bassin de l’Ehn with the help of students from the Agricultural Secondary School of Obernai, which was a way to get people aware of the benefits of nature and its preservation.

Fitness Trail (Parcours Santé)

Declined in 3 different ways, the Fitness trail is perfect for runners (with signs along the way with exercise instructions for all levels), people loving strolls as well as mountain bike and horse ride enthusiasts.

Be Lazy in a park

Obernai public park
  • Address : Route de Boersch, 67210 Obernai
  • Opening hours : from Monday to Thursday from 8h15 to 12h00 – from 13h45 to 17h30, Fridays from 8h15 to 12h00 – from 13h45 to 16h30, closed on Saturdays and Sundays

The perfect spot to rest and relax! With about 4 hectares, the public park is a great green space, big and well taken care of by the municipality. While strolling in, you will find a beautiful vegetation (especially the giant sequoia), nice garden and relaxing areas perfectly suited to enjoy picnic or just simply lay down on the grass.

Another thing that can be very convenient for families, you will find a big playground for kids at the end of the park.

The Léonardsau Estate
  • Address: Rue de Dietrich, 67210 Obernai
  • Opening hours: everyday from 8h00 to 19h00

Little known by the general public, the Léonardsau estate is a beautiful site where you will find its castle built by Baron Albert de Dietrich in the 19th century as well as its park spreading out 9 hectares, both being on the waiting list for being registered as historic monuments.

Make a splash during summer

L’O Espace Aquatique
  • Address: 6 Rue Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, 67210 Obernai
  • Opening hours: from Monday to Friday from 10h00 to 20h00, saturdays and Sundays from 9h00 to 20h00
  • http://www.lo-obernai.fr/

Built by the Communauté de Communes du Pays de Sainte-Odile, the Espace O is a complex dedicated to swimming and aquatic recreational activities. What you will find inside: the “Aquatic area” with two pools and one solarium, the “Well-being area” with baths, saunas, hammams and tepidarium as well as the “Fitness area” with access to a lot of machines.

You can also have a meal there, you can find dishes à la carte or eat the dish of the day.

Obernai “Plein Air” Swimming-pool
  • Address: 28 Rue de Boersch, 67210 Obernai
  • Opening hours: from Monday to Thursday from 10h00 to 20h00, Fridays and Saturdays from 9h00 to 20h00
  • Prices : children under 4 years old 1,50 EUR, children from 4 to 17 years old 3,50 EUR, adults 4,50 EUR
  • http://www.lo-obernai.fr/fr/piscine-plein-air

Ideal during summer, this swimming-pool opens its doors during June, July and August for the pleasure of large and small. In addition to this pool, you will find an area dedicated for children with outside water games as well as some green spaces ideal to get some shades.

Discover winemakers and distillery in Obernai

Vins d’Alsace Robert Blanck
  • Address : 167 Route d’Ottrott, 67210 Obernai
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8h-12h / 13h30-18h30. Saturday: 9h-12h / 13h30-18h30. Sunday and Holidays: 10h-12h30 / 15h-18h
  • http://www.blanck-obernai.com/

You will find there a beautiful array of Alsatian wines from Crémant, traditional wine, vieilles vignes to vendanges tardives.

Top wines: Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer.

Domaine SEILLY
  • Addresse :18 Rue du Général Gouraud, 67210 Obernai
  • Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday from 9h00 to 12h00 – from 14h00 to 18h00, closed on Sundays
  • http://www.seilly.com/en/
Vins WEIBEL Marcel et Fils
  • Address: 18 Rue de la Colonne, 67210 Obernai
  • Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday from 9h00 to 12h00 – from 13h30 to 19h00, Sundays from 9h00 to 12h00 – from 13h30 to 17h00
  • https://www.vins-weibel.com/
Buchholz Strub Annie
  • Address: 14 Rue de Bernardswiller, 67210 Obernai
  • Opening hours :  every day from 10h00 to 22h00
Artisanal Distillerie Lehmann
  • Address: Chemin des Peupliers, 67210 Obernai
  • Opening hours: from Monday to Friday from 9h00 to 12h00 – from 14h00 to 18h00, Saturdays from 9h00 to 12h00 – from 14h00 to 16h00, closed on Sundays
  • http://www.distillerielehmann.com/

The magic of Christmas in Obernai

You can visit the Alsace region during the whole year, however there is great moment where the concentration of tourists is as its best. It is indeed the Christmas period which usually starts the last weekend of November until the end of this festive season. During this time, both big and small cities prepare the best decorations from now and yesteryear, and set their respective Christmas market.

Obernai is among the must-visit cities in Alsace to discover during the Christmas season. With a marvelous Christmas market with its typical wooden chalets, it is a reminder to authentic Alsatian traditions to contemplate… with of course a glass of glühwein and some grilled chestnuts!

Le Marché de Noël d'Obernai

More Information

Tourist Office of Obernai

For more informations, don’t hesitate to visit the Tourist Office with its team that will be able to help you on specifics details about things to visit or do in Obernai.

The good Restaurants

Restaurants “Winstub”, gastronomic, Michelin-star…you are lucky to have so many choices among 50 restaurants in the city!

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